Transforming Change Workshop

Join change guru Roland Sullivan, Change Differently founder Cinthya Quijano, & Transformation Agent Maja Balasi-Sullivan for a full day of WST learning.

London, UK

Hosted by Perkbox, London

11th October, 2017

Manchester, UK

The University of Manchester

9th October, 2017

Three Speakers

We're bringing change "mega-guru" Roland Sullivan to the UK, along with Maja Balasi-Sullivan, & Change Differently founder Cinthya Quijano.

About The Event

We're delivering an overview experience and understanding of Whole System Transformation and its application to your organisation. 

Make the change.


Learn the concept of large group interactive summits that engage and motivate the critical mass.


Discover the theory and practices underpinning enterprise wide positive change.

Your Hosts

Taking you through your Transforming Change Workshop are three of the organisational change industry's leading experts.

Change Consultant of the World - OD Institute

Roland Sullivan

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Founder & Lead Consultant - Change Differently

Cinthya Quijano

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Maja Balasi-Sullivan

Co-founder & Consultant - Sullivan Transformation Agents

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What You'll Learn

The Transforming Change Workshop will cover the 10 elements of successful sustainable change.

Our Clients

As a founding father of change agency, Roland has worked extensively over the past 40 years with some of the biggest international companies.

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Element 1: Internal Change Agent (ICA) Transformation

A highly competent ICA using Whole System Transformation is key.  We boldly say that ultimately the most powerful person in a system is the ICA.


Understand the Whole System Transformation modality and why it's more effective than an isolated approach to change.


Understand the success factors for leading sustainable organisation change.


Access exclusive online resources to support your organisations journey into WST.

Element 2: Leadership Transformation

Process starts with leadership alignment and agreement. Leaders have to share common leadership, vision, culture, strategy, and agree on the common actions and commitments. They must individually and as a team first transform and then walk their talk

Element 3Designing Large Group Interactive Summits

After the direction is established, effective designing interactive 3 day sessions with 100 to 2,000 of participants is one of the differing factors with all other transformation efforts.

Element 4Critical Mass Transformation

To achieve a successful transformation, it is essential that critical mass is fully informed and is actively engaged in the implementation of the learnings change.

Element 5Enterprise Wide Engagement

Everyone is beyond the critical mass leaders are involved including the most important stakeholder, the customer.

Element 6Multi-dimensional Communication

Success stories, decisions, data, and results are published. Employee considerations are heard by leadership, and vice versa. Multi-dimensional communication becomes instant and influential.

Element 7The Strategic Transformation Office

This group of change champions has the responsibility to view the entire system from a lens of multi-faceted expert views. Typically, it includes the executive team sponsor, HR head, strategic planning lead, CIO, middle management representative, lower echelon employee representative, customer advocate, and ICA.

Element 8Measured Results

While large and dramatic changes will be apparent, it is strongly recommended that cost-effectiveness and efficiency be measured regularly. These evaluations will reinforce change momentum, show areas that need more work, and will determine future direction. Ideally, evaluation occurs from an outside objective research institution like C-SOL.

Element 9Journey Sustainment

All external consultant dependency becomes eliminated. Internal resources continue to improve the structured transformation and change process each year.  The WST elements stay the same. The conversation and the new aspirations continually change. One of greatest metrics for an effective OD effort is when the approach still evolves to greater performance years after inception.

Element 10Action Learning & Research

The final element involves implementing a simple action learning consisting of scanning, planning, acting, and re-acting. This is used universally from a micro-meeting to year-long planning interventions.

Nallie, CEO

"We accomplished in 3 days what the executive team has desired to accomplish for the past four years. In the process, we, the Amalgamated Bank of South Europe became the most loved brand in Europe."

John Parker, VP

“The Customer Service Division increased their customer service on one half billion transactions from 77% to 84%. Roland’s influence is still felt today in our corporation now in 8 years later.”

"Europe is entering the age of quickening and transformation. Being, and becoming, competent in leading organisation change and transformation is absolutely essential as change accelerates beyond imagination.

So join us as we embark on this transformational journey together!"


31st July @ 17:00









Limited Spaces

Limited Spaces

Roland Sullivan

Who Should Attend?

CEO's - VP's - Senior Executives - Managers - HR Leaders

Organisation Development Specialists - Business Transformation Directors  

People Interested in the Field of Organisational Change and Transformation

Available seats are limited to 40 in London & 45 in Manchester

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